Professional History

Carol Cizauskas reading her poetry at open mic night at Wildflower Village, Reno, Nevada. Thursday, 8 May 2014.

Carol Čizauskas reading her poetry at open mic night at Wildflower Village, Reno, Nevada. Thursday, 8 May 2014.

Carol Čizauskas is a writer, teacher/trainer, office administrator, social media expert, and political and social justice advocate.

Carol moved to Madison, Wisconsin, in September 2017. She is available to help in person and virtually with your projects in professional or personal writing, organizational training, office and business administration needs, social media, and political organizing for social justice. Put her outstanding communication and administrative skills to use in your nonprofit or business working for societal change through education, social justice, and/or the arts — and watch your organization thrive yet more!

Professional Writing

In her more than seven years writing professionally, Carol has honed her craft to concise writing that draws you in with vibrant images and an often unique perspective on telling the story. Read about her experience in professional writing.

Corporate Training

As a teacher/trainer with more than ten years’ experience, Carol conveys material in a clear manner focused on hands-on learning, while inspiring learners to believe in their ability to teach themselves and to excel in their on-the-job and real life performance. She also has five years’ experience developing effective curriculum tailored to specific learners’ needs and abilities. Read about her experience in teaching and training.

Office and Business Administration

Carol’s fifteen years’ experience in office administration organizes your business or nonprofit to run effectively without missing a step. Read about her experience in office administration.

Social Media

Carol has created several blogs and websites, and she has created and administers several Facebook pages. See her experience in social media.

Politics and Social Justice Advocacy

Carol is a progressive activist who fights for her values of social justice and peace. She was a core member of the Bernie revolution in northern Nevada, co-managed a congressional campaign in northern Nevada, has participated in several political conferences, and was elected Bernie delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, where she protested for social justice and peace. Read about her experience in politics and social justice advocacy.


The University of Notre Dame graduated Carol with a B.A. in English & German. Her studies included a year study-abroad program in Innsbruck, Austria, with classes in German. Post-graduate studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, included journalism and political science. Carol also gained certification in a multitude of career workshops at community college and career-training institutes. Read about her education.