Bernie Delegate to the DNC

About Carol for DNC Delegate

Carol is one of the original Washoe County organizers and first staff hired in northern Nevada for Bernie. This page shows her Spring 2016 campaign to be elected Nevada delegate for Bernie to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July 2016. The result of Carol’s campaign for Bernie delegate is that she was elected from her congressional district with by far the highest number of votes in an election with the greatest number of candidates the Washoe County Democratic Party had seen. Carol is grateful to have served as Bernie delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, something she characterizes as “the greatest thing I’ve done as an American citizen.” See Carol’s cover story on the convention for the Reno News & Review.


“Bernie is the best social justice and civil rights candidate since Bobby Kennedy.”


* Unwaveringly has supported Bernie since he first declared his candidacy for president.

* Began volunteering for Bernie as one of the original grassroots organizers in Washoe County.

* Hired as the first staff for Bernie in northern Nevada.

* Has worked to elect Bernie as volunteer and staff fulltime for six months since last summer.

* Currently volunteering for Bernie in northern Nevada since the campaign closed up shop in Reno.

* Proudly serves in the Bernie revolution for democratic socialism, change, and equal rights.

* Believes in all Bernie’s stances without compromise (first candidate Carol can say that about).

* Loves Bernie most as the best candidate for social justice and civil rights since Bobby Kennedy.

* Fully committed to participating in the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

Letter of Intent

Dear Bernie delegates and alternates to the Nevada Democratic State Convention,

Please vote for me to represent you for Bernie at the Democratic national convention this July. You will find no one more committed to Bernie for president, no one who believes more in his integrity and passion for civil rights and his ability to win the election to lead our revolution to what this nation stands for: equality and justice for all. He is the first candidate for any office I fully support without reservation since my first political awareness at age 12 the summer of 1974 when I sat glued to the family TV, watching the Watergate hearings.

The moment I found out Bernie had declared his candidacy for president, I jumped for joy and ran into the living room to shout the good news to my husband. Soon after, I attended the senator’s rally at University of Nevada, Reno, on August 18th. I had read many of Bernie’s stances on economic social justice and so wasn’t surprised to hear him talk of free college paid for by Wall Street taxes, of universal health care as a basic human right for all, of holding accountable to the justice system the avaricious criminals of Wall Street and the big banks who laugh as they steal and defraud hardworking Americans who have no choice but to trust the system, of restoring power to the people through bringing strength back to our labor unions, of using diplomacy as the first and most effective tool for the United States as a major world player and only resorting to the terrors of war as a last resort, and of so many other issues that Bernie has fought for as statesman for many decades now.

What I was surprised to hear was something so new that it sounded actually revolutionary to me: Senator Sanders said that no one person elected to the highest office can do it alone, can effect the changes necessary to return our nation to its noblest ideals – that it will take ALL of us, that this is a revolution of us, THE PEOPLE. Like all of you have done, I fell in love with this good man, this great soul, this leader who wants us to work with him to restore justice to our land and to the world.

Four days later, I began volunteering for his grassroots efforts in Washoe County. I joined the core group of organizers by agreeing to coordinate volunteers for our voter registration, tabling, and canvassing efforts. I found myself joyfully working full-time and more, volunteering with other committed and passionate Bernie supporters, people like you and me who yearn for this revolution of love and decency and caring for all our neighbors.

After two months volunteering full-time, a wonderful thing happened – the campaign hired me to be Bernie’s first northern Nevada staff! I continued my efforts to work with volunteers and to locate our Reno office, and after Thanksgiving, I joined a small group of full-time staff working out of the Reno office. As field organizer, I continued working with volunteers I already knew, recruited new volunteers and trained them to phone-bank, and worked on senior outreach in our part of the state. Mostly seven days a week filled all my time in these efforts. I then volunteered to transfer to Carson City to help the one-person office at the time and worked with an amazingly powerful group of committed volunteers there. Soon after that, I was recruited to fill a new position in the state, Outreach Coordinator for northern Nevada. In that job, I continued working with volunteers but with a new focus: planning events to draw in more Bernie supporters, register them as Democrats so they could vote for Bernie in the Nevada caucuses, and spread the word about how important Nevada voters are to the primaries and caucuses as third in the nation. With dedicated and passionate volunteers, we organized several very successful events, including the smash hit series of Bands for Bernie in Reno and Lake Tahoe, where we met dozens, even hundreds, of new Bernie supporters and spread the good word yet more.

Soon after the Nevada caucuses, the campaign moved on to other states, and I stayed here where my heart is in Reno. After taking the month of March off to rest and recuperate after six months of increasingly more than full-time work, I have jumped back in to volunteering for Bernie and organizing and working with other volunteers and campaign staff to ensure a Bernie victory to the White House.

Now I find myself committed to going all the way to the Democratic National Convention for Bernie. I hope to vote for him as a delegate to the convention in Philadelphia at the end of July in Philadelphia, but if that wonderful opportunity doesn’t come through, I will still attend and volunteer at the convention. I will do all I can to fight for Bernie’s nomination as the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. He is the most representative of our values as Bernie supporters, as Democrats and progressive independents, as Americans. In my political awareness since 1974, I have never known a more perfect candidate for president, one for whom I don’t need to compromise ANY of my values and beliefs in order to support him, one who includes all of us in a unique and unprecedented march to changing our nation, indeed, our world, to a more humane, just, and righteous people who stand for the rights of ALL people, not just the privileged and the powerful.

For these reasons, if you are a delegate or alternate to the Democratic state convention in Las Vegas May 14-15, I ask you to vote for me for delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this July 2016.

With warm regards,
Carol Čizauskas


“It is with great pleasure that I announce my support for Carol Cizauskas as a National Delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders. Over the course of the last 9 months, I have come to know Carol’s strengths and passion and I believe she will be a top-notch delegate for Bernie Sanders. I am witness to the countless hours that Carol has worked on behalf of Bernie. Without hesitation and with great seriousness and optimism, she took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator for our Washoe County, NV 4 Bernie grassroots group, displaying a unique knack for bringing others on board with her passion and enthusiasm for Bernie. She then hit the ground running as the first staffer for the Northern Nevada Bernie campaign and was known by many on the local staff as the ‘go to’ person in Reno for pertinent resources. I saw Carol push herself hard to meet the demands of an intensely fought campaign in Nevada. Smart and highly organized, she worked long hours, meeting challenges head on and honing her new-found skills as a Field Organizer. She subsequently advanced to the position Outreach Coordinator where she displayed her innate creativity and strengths as an organizer and articulate spokesperson. As a natural communicator with excellent written and public speaking skills and a keen grasp of the issues, she articulates Bernie’s points with grace, confidence, and ease. Carol has a sincere, deeply rooted progressive political awareness that is directly in line with Bernie’s message. She is steadfast in her support for Bernie and is representative of his values and beliefs. Like Bernie himself, she is a woman of high integrity with a sense of community and fairness and a passion for equality and economic justice for all not just the privileged few. Carol continues her efforts today. She is committed to fighting for Bernie’s nomination and will do everything she can to see him elected as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. She has the strength, commitment, and passion required for fighting for the change Bernie represents, as well as the knowledge and wherewithal to get things done. I invite you to join me in support of Carol Cizauskas as a National Delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders.”
~Christina Hughes, one of the original grassroots organizers for Bernie Sanders in Washoe County

“It is with great pleasure that I support and endorse Carol Čizauskas to be a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Carol demonstrates boundless enthusiasm and tireless effort. Carol successfully connects with candidates, supporters, and those outside the campaign to bring people together and point them in the right direction. As a Bernie Sanders staffer, her dedication to his campaign for President was unparalleled, and I am certain she will serve as an effective and inspiring Delegate for Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia.”
~Rick Shepherd for Congress

“I would like to take this time to discuss my support for Carol Čizauskas as a National Delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders. In a number of months, I have been honored to get to know Carol and become more acquainted with her political beliefs. She has the passion and the drive to deliver this vote, and to represent the policies we direly need.
Living along the Nevada/California border, our Tahoe for Bernie group realized early on that we would need to collaborate efforts with larger population centers over both states. At our first outreach to Nevada, we met Carol and incredible volunteers who were not only energized, but preparing to welcome the national campaign to Reno. Carol had already established herself as a leader in the Nevada Bernie efforts.
Carol was essential in supporting Tahoe for Bernie as we grew, and as she became an official field organizer, empowered our group to help where we were most needed volunteering in Nevada. Carol has worked countless hours on behalf of Bernie, more dedicated to her volunteer job than most people spend in their paying jobs. In both Tahoe and Reno, Carol has been an invaluable progressive resource from the very start.
Speaking as a former Vermonter, I also feel strongly that Carol’s personal political passion reminds me of Senator Sanders and the Vermont Progressive Party. She is honest, fair, and selfless, and also much like Bernie she has held belief in equality and social justice all her life. I believe that Carol and Bernie’s voice and views are exactly what we need for Nevada, the DNC, and for America.
I know that Carol will do everything in her power to help Bernie secure the Democratic nomination, and continue to be a local progressive leader beyond November. I hope you’ll all join me in affirming Carol as an optional choice for representation as national delegate.”
~Kate Gladstein, Tahoe for Bernie volunteer

“Carol Čizauskas has been tirelessly supporting the Bernie Sanders campaign long before we met last fall. I highly recommend voting for her to be a NV Delegate to the Democratic National Convention! Carol welcomed volunteers from Tahoe for Bernie Sanders into the Nevada Campaign this winter and mentored us into an effective volunteer group while also pushing Northern Nevada to a win for Bernie Sanders. She is extremely dedicated to defending social justice and will support Bernie through the Democratic National Convention. Please support Carol at the Nevada Dems State Convention on May 14th!”
~Nicole Lutkemuller, Tahoe for Bernie leader

“Carol Čizauskas is an outstanding Bernie activist who is running for DNC delegate for Bernie Sanders from Nevada. We first met Carol in Carson City facilitating volunteer efforts for Bernie at Nevada Day, and she quickly became Tahoe for Bernie’s liaison for all our activities in Nevada. Carol works hardest and leads the charge at every event we encounter her. Elect Carol Čizauskas for DNC delegate!”
~Joe Stanton, Tahoe for Bernie leader

“Carol is a strong and loyal Bernie supporter and would be a powerful national delegate. Rather than being aggressive, Carol is much more like Bernie, positive and uplifting us all to be our best. Please support Carol for National Delegate for Bernie Sanders!”
~Tami Thompson, fellow Washoe County, NV, for Bernie volunteer

“You have my vote. It was a joy to volunteer under your guidance. You will make an awesome National Delegate for The Bernie Supporters of Northern Nevada!”
~Karen Read Dobrzynski, fellow Nevada for Bernie volunteer

“I can vouch that Carol has and continues to work non-stop for the Bernie campaign in Nevada with tireless enthusiasm, smarts and dedication! She definitely deserves to be a NV delegate at the National Convention in the City of Brotherhood (Philadelphia) for our wonderful ‘brother’ Bernie!
~ “BernieSis” Janette Dean, fellow Nevada for Bernie volunteer

“Carol has worked for the campaign since Bernie’s presence here was only a ‘rumor.’ Her commitment has helped lead a well organized movement that has reflected positively on our state and county. Elect Carol to the national convention and relax. She will show up and do her best, and represent!”
~Barbara Dieringer, longtime friend

“Carol, you certainly have my vote. See you in Las Vegas!”
~Lila Alabed, fellow Washoe County, NV, for Bernie supporter

“Carol is the appropriate person to represent Bernie Sanders at the national convention.”
~Mohammed Selim, fellow Washoe County, NV, for Bernie supporter

“Yea Carol Čizauskas, that’s my wife and the most avid Bernie supporter I know. A good choice to carry our flag to Philadelphia.”
~Donald Prather, Carol’s husband and fellow Washoe County, NV, for Bernie volunteer


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