Portraits of the newsman

Friends, colleagues, rivals and antagonists remember Dennis Myers.

Now you are gone, but you live in my heart. You are Nevada. You are a journalist’s journalist. You are a friend to the poor and the powerless. You are a friend to all who knew your heart.

I love you.

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Published in Reno News & Review

2013-10-12 - Wedding of Carol Cizauskas and Donald Prather - Plumas House, Reno - by Patrick Casey - b+w

Dennis Myers at the wedding of Carol Cizauskas and Donald Prather, The Plumas House, Reno, Nevada, 12 October 2013. Dennis served as Carol’s best man.

Public broadcasting deserves life

Recently, I held my breath as, once again, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting struggled to survive while Congress debated its value.

“Conservatives often argue that public broadcasting skews left, yet studies show the opposite. If anything, NPR leans more than halfway to the right in the numbers of conservative experts it interviews, think tanks it contacts, and politicians it covers.”
Carol Cizauskas, public radio journalist and commenter
Carol Cizauskas

Carol Cizauskas is a Reno public-radio journalist.

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Published in Reno News & Review