Disunited states

A Bernie Sanders supporter describes her frustrating experiences at the Democratic National Convention.

I began to believe for the first time in the sacredness of my power as an American citizen and voter. I began to learn that standing for social justice was not only morally right, but was to be fought for. I began to understand that I would never again chip away at my soul by voting for a lesser evil. I knew from here forward, I would vote only for moral candidates who would fight for justice.
2016-07-25-2300 - Bernie's Convention Speech

The view from the Nevada delegates’ seats during Bernie Sanders’s speech the first night of the convention. PHOTO BY CAROL CIZAUSKAS

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Published in Reno News & Review

Growing out

Activists fight sprawl into areas remote from the Truckee Meadows.

“Once they develop that Winnemucca Ranch, it’s gone forever. Once they cut down the old growth, it’s gone forever,” Bob Fulkerson said. “We can stop them right now on those issues, but next year, yeah, they could be back. But, you know what? It’s our watch that matters. … The next generation—it’ll be up to them. They’d better freakin’ be up to the challenge.”
Winnemucca Ranch protest

At a demonstration last week, protestor Susan McNeall displayed a regional planning map showing the distance between the remote Winnemucca Ranch land west of Pyramid Lake and the Reno metro area.

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Published in Reno News & Review

Washington State Democrats Courting the Latino Vote

Latinos traditionally vote Democratic, come election time. Northwest Democrats want to keep it that way. They also want to capitalize on the momentum of the huge turnout of Hispanics last spring at immigration marches across the region. Correspondent Carol Cizauskas went out with Democratic canvassers in Sunnyside, Washington and files this report.

Rosario: “If we sleep through this election, we’ll lose a lot, which is why we’re trying to get the vote out.”
Tania Maria Rosario is the director of the 2006 Democratic Latino Vote Project in Washington state.


Central Washington Democratic canvassers

Central Washington Democratic canvassers

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